Hollywood Baltimore

101 Tommy Vann and the Echoes – I’m Hoping You’ll Be Mine / Baby That’s No Lie

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Hit Bound Records Washington-DC

2921 The Mask-Men & Agents – In My Diary / Hard To Get Along
? Zeke And The Soul Setters – Make My Love A Hurtin’ Thing (1969)

Hog Washington-DC

1000 The Moments – “Baby” I Want You / Pray For Me

Hot Cocoa Records Washington-DC

DM-87022 Point Blank – Fantasy / What’cha Get You Got (12”) (1987)

Hour Records Suitland

DM-88006 Seven – Gloria (The Long One) & Gloria (A Quickie) / “O” (She’s 2 Much) (Jam Part Version) & “O” (She’s 2 Much) (The Short Story) (12”) (1988)

Harbor City Records Baltimore

HC-6034 Crosswind – We Can Work It Out / Fire (It’s Getting Hot) (12”) (1987)

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Hitstown Record Corporation Maryland-other

This MD label recorded both soul and gospel musicians. Only the soul releases are listed below.
1012 Ultimate Blacks - I Like to Be / The World is a Turmoil

Horizon Maryland-other

BHR7607 Black Horizon - Black Horizon pt.1 / Black Horizon pt.2

Hugo's Music Oxon Hill

Nathan Page primarily performed Jazz, but he was known to dabble on the soul side of things. The following are recordings which are, or featured, soul tunes.
HMS 106 Nathen Page - Free (Note Really) / Knapp Time (1978)
HMS 107 Nathan Page - Page Two (LP)

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