Rock Records Washington-DC

1001 Billy Soultree – I’m The Man / Same Old Familiar Places

La Guess Washington-DC

101 Kim Cabness – What It Means / What It Means (Inst.)

Sweat Washington-DC

10-3-3870 Hot Cold Sweat – Sweat (LP)

Wahton Washington-DC

4634 Chris Royal – Couldn’t Get A Name, The Message / Couldn’t Get A Name, The Message (Part 2)

Full Scale Washington-DC

24687 Impact – I’m Here / Just Give A Little (also released as a 12”)

Magic City Washington-DC

4558 Leon Gibson – I’ve Had Enough / I’ve Had Enough (Instrumental)

Claytown Washington-DC

Label released rock, as well as soul/R&B. Only the soul related releases are listed below.

CT 17700 Bobby Reed – You Are / I’m Not Coming Back

Charity Washington-DC

106 Gene Austin – More Power To You / I’m Going To Love You

Clean Records Washington-DC

CR 7260 Potomac Crew – I’m Back (Party Mix) / I’m Back (Instrumental Mix) (12”) (1987)

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