Loop RecordsWashington-DC

100 Bethea & the Cap-Tans - Revenue Man / Crazy About A Woman
101 Howard D's Combo - It's Too Late For Tears / Waiting For You
103 Bob Marshall's Crystals - Ain't No Big Thing/ I Wanna Thank You
183 Ernie Hills - Walkin' All Around / Autumn
690 Nat Hall - Why (I Want To Know) / You Don't Know (Just How I Feel)
698 Lou Busky`s Combo - Keep Getting Up / Long As The Blood`s Warm (In My Veins)
LM-701 Maskman & the Agents - Crowded Station / It's The Thing
LM-711 Maskman & the Agents - I Wouldn't Come Back / Roaches
LM-714 E.T. White (Man with the Crazy Shake) and His Great Potential Band of Young Soul Brothers - Just A Walk In The Sun / Potential Break
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