Black FireWashington-DC

BF-1001Oneness of JuJu – African Rhythms Pt.1 / African Rhythms Pt.2
BF-19751Oneness of JuJu – African Rhythms (LP) (1975)
BF-19752 Wayne Davis – Wayne Davis (LP) (1976)
BF-19754Oneness of JuJu – Space Jungle Luv (LP) (1976)
BF-19756Oneness of JuJu – Bush Brothers & Space Rangers (Though recorded in 1977, this was released in 1995)
BF-19757Experience Unlimited – Experience Unlimited (LP) (1977)
BF-19811Plunky and Oneness of Juju – Make a Change (LP) (1980)
BF-19811Oneness of JuJu – Everyway But Loose / Run Away Baby (also released as a 12”) (1980)
BF-1002JuJu and the Space Rangers – Plastic / Got to Be Right On It

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