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DC Soul Recordings was established in 2006 in order to catalog Washington D.C. & Maryland Funk, Soul, & R&B recordings created between the early 1960s and the early 1990s (including all related sub-genres and descendants such as Go-Go and Disco). Individual recordings are listed under the label name that released them, and labels can be sorted alphabetically or by region. Photos of groups, individuals, and related cultural icons are available in the “Media” section.

Please note that the photos portion of the media section is currently off-line while the book documenting DC’s Soul music culture is in it’s final stages. Even more photos will be added & accessible in the near future. For now, please note the links to DCSoul’s Instagram page and YouTube channel, (see media tab). The purpose of the channel is to connect the music to the words and images on this page. Please visit when you have an opportunity.

The “Store” features properly licensed DC & MD Soul related products that you can conveniently purchase via direct links (these are not being sold by this website). The aforementioned products document relevant older recordings, as well as make recordings readily available to the general public. Some of the products were planned and compiled with assistance from this website’s author.

Please contact Kevin Coombe, the author of this website, with comments, questions, or information you wish to contribute to the site. Every story, photo scan, record, and/or piece of original media, helps to complete the big picture. As mentioned above, Kevin is finishing a book that delves deeper into the culture presented on this website. He asks that local artists please contact him to discuss their stories, as well as any other related material for the book.

When not entrenched in the research process, Kevin spins funk & soul records under the alias of DJ Nitekrawler. Click here for upcoming show dates, or if you are interested in booking him for a US or international show.

Kevin would like to thank the following people for their contributions:

Bob Abrahamian
Jeff Beckman
Neal Becton
Jay Bruder
Dante Carfagna
David Griffiths
Andrew Morgan
Jason Perlmutter
Joe Vaccarino
The hundreds of artists he’s had the pleasure of meeting, and everyone else who has donated information, anecdotes, and/or media.


Label entry legend
A. Name of the recording label.
B. City where the recording label is from.
C. Scanned image of the label. All available versions of the label art are shown. Click to view larger image.
D. Matrix number: the code scratched or stamped into the run-off groove area of a record. More info.
E. Name of the artist.
F. Song name (Side A).
G. Song name (Side B).
H. Comment/Add Info link takes the user to the public comment form.
I. Alphabetical and regional categories this entry is listed in.


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