TD-101 Osiris – Consistency / My Love (1978)
TD0001 Osiris – Since Before Our Time (LP) (1978)
TD0004 Osiris – Gritt On It / The Tower (12”) (1980)
TD0005 Osiris – Osiris The Band (LP) (1980)

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  1. Guy WR Waynes, Apr 19, 10:34 AM:

    Nice to see someone keeping the funk alive on a local level. I was the art director/designer/illustrator for the “Gritt On It” lp. I did the airbrush logo on the cover, designed the Tom Dog logo as well as the clothing the model Camille Chambers (she was the NewDay office secretary) is wearing. The reason her back is to the camera is that the clothes were originally made to fit a model named Robin Harmon and had to be pinned up in the front to fit her. Robin dropped out of the photo shoot probably due to the “eccentricities” of the photographer John Smith, owner of Newday. The jewelry was made by DC’s own Eugene “The African Hangman” Green. I forgot the woman that made the clothing. Also, almost all of the type on the cover, which wasn’t actually finished, was done by me by hand with press-on lettering. Somewhere I think I still have the original drawings for my design.

    I’m still doing artwork but for galleries mostly although I still do album art occasionally. Check out my MySpace page for more info.

    Keepin’ It On The O!

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