Hilton's Concept, Inc.Washington-DC

This was a private Jazz-Gospel-Soul-Comedy-Rock label run by Hilton Felton, a local artist who was heavily involved in production of Washington DC soul & funk during the 70s’. Because of his steady involvement in the soul scene, and his constant interpretation of soul in his own works, his entire discography is outlined below.
HC 1000 Three Of Us – Dream Come True (LP)
HE 1001 Hilton Felton – My Mother’s Prayer (LP)
HC 1400 Reverend Leonard Felton – The Creation / Crying, Lord Jesus (This is Hilton’s Brother)
HC 1401 The Three Of Us – Dream Come True / Dream Come True (pt. 2)
HC 1600 Hilton Felton – Spreading Fever / pt.2
HC 1700 Hilton Felton – Family and Friends (LP)
HC 1701 Hilton Felton – Piano Solo Series Vol. 1 (LP)
HC 1702 Rev. Leonard Ray Felton & Hilton Felton, Jr. – Listen Lord!! (LP)
HC 1703 Hilton Felton – A Man for All Reasons (LP) (2 Different Covers Were Printed)
HC 1704 Hilton Felton – Piano Solo Series Vol. 2 (LP)
HC 1705 Hilton Felton – Piano Solo Series Vol. 3 (LP)
HC 1706 Mr. HY – Don’t Take Me Seriously!! (LP) (Comedy Act by the Manager of the Young Senators)
HC 1707 Hilton Felton – Tribute, Dr. Hilton C. Felton Sr. (LP) (1982)
HC 1708 Hilton Felton – Ode To New Life (LP) (1983)
HC 1800 Hilton Felton – Gospel Beginnings (LP)

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