Aladdin Washington-DC

In 1974, this label was leased from a well known CA company of the same name. It became a studio label for many genres of DC area artists. The following are the only known soul recordings on this label
45-5555 Prince Geno and the Tailormades – Brand New Man with a Master Plan / pt.2 (1974)
4350 The Clovers – Bump Jive! / Bump Jive (Disco)!! (1975)

Arrest Records Washington-DC

ASD-200 Dickey Williams – You Get Out of Life What You Put In / Old Baldhead Man
ASD-350 Fathers Children – Intellect / Linda
ASD-1000 Stringfield Family – The Sounds of Disco / The Stringfield Hustle (1975) (Later Incarnation of PA’s El Pooks)

Al & The Kidd Records Inc. Washington-DC

AK 1001 Al & The Kidd – Al & The Kidd / Planet of Love (12”) (1979)
MK 1001 Trouble – E Flat Boogie / E Flat Boogie (Instrumental) (12”) (1980)
AK 1003 Al Mason – We Still Should Be Together / Good Lovin’ (12”) (also released as a 45 on Fynal Vinyl in 1985) (1980)
AK 105 J.G. Lewis – That’s Her (That’s The Girl For You) / Dance Lady Dance (1980)

Andrew's Music Washington-DC

Though most recordings by Andrew were fully within the jazz classification, a section of his work reflected a different side of the man… a funky side. These recordings are proof of that.
AM45-4-1 Andrew White – Who Got De Funk? / pt.2 (1973)
AM-4Andrew White – Who Got De Funk? (LP) (1973)
AM-37 Andrew White – Fonk Update (Live LP) (1981)

Allen Washington-DC

101 Richard Dunbar – You Brought It On Yourself / Come On Fall In Line
2916 Richard Knight – Back to School (Don’t be no Drop Out) / Show Stopper
3033Geno and the Pharoahs – Exit to the Beltway / Miss Heartbreaker