Longwood Rockville

Longwood was a MD label that also recorded in Cincinnati, OH
40527 Philip James – Keep on Loving / pt.2
L20001 Phil Flowers and His United Family – Alpha and Omega (LP) (1973)
L2000 The United Family – Some-A-Dis-Some-A-Dat (LP) (Recorded while on tour in the Bahamas) (1975)
L2003 Phil Flowers and The Inner Connection – Three Little Words (LP) (1977)

Little City Records (LCR) Washington-DC

A DC label that eventually moved to Charlotte, NC. Because many of the local groups’ recordings were released after the move, all the releases for this label are listed below.
10100 Del Edwards – Buy This Record for Me / Tears Of Guilt
10101 Del Edwards – (I Gotta Have Her) Need I Say More / Inst. (1975)
10102 All Points Bulletin Band – Sexy Ways-Pretty Legs / pt.2 (1975)
10103 All Points Bulletin Band – Disco Funk / APB’s Theme (chase the pusher)
1944/10104 Earth Born – Universe of Love / (same) (1976)
1502 The Family – Music, Let It Thru (LP) (1977)
10105 All Points Bulletin – Funky Bottom-Bottom Funk / Astro Ride (1977)
10106 The Family – Music / My Song to You
10107 All Points Bulletin – Police Chasing Theme / Walk That Walk, Talk That Talk’ (1978) (NC Release)
10108 The Family – Feeling What You Wanna Feel / Trump Tight (1978) (NC Release)
10109 All Points Bulletin – Everybody Get Down (Get Up and Get Down) / pt.2 (NC Release)
10110 The Family – Queen City / pt.2 (NC Release)